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We glorify Christ by using our God-given gifts, talents, and abilities to encourage and strengthen His Church.

Why join a ministry team?

The Church is the Body of Christ with many parts (people saved by His grace). To follow Christ is to participate in disciple-making ministry that builds His Church and reaches people with His Gospel.
Partnership creates community. There is a great joy in serving together in the way God has designed each member of the team.

Interested in ministry opportunities but not sure what team?

“Exploring Ministry” is an avenue to discuss ministry opportunities available at Carmel with Carmel members currently participating in these roles. These discussions are held the first Sunday morning (11:00am) and the second Wednesday evening (6:30pm) of each month.

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Once the form is submitted, you will be contacted by a Ministry Connector, invited to an “on ramp experience" where you can try out the role  and then the ministry team leader will meet with you to discuss ongoing participation on the team!

Questions? Contact Jeremy Amick, Adult Pastor.