How to Pray for Mosaic Style with Love

Please join in praying with us for the Mosaic-Style with Love Store and its service to our Neighbors. 

1. Our hope is that the Mosaic store is a beacon of love and service to the city. Pray for children to know the Father's love as they are loved, served and valued by our team.

2. We pray we are an encouragement to the NC Department of Social Services social workers we will come in contact with through the foster families. We want to support them as they speak into the lives of children taken into custody.

3. Pray for Mosaic - Style with Love Store Team as they tirelessly work to maintain the store. Pray for God's blessing over the 50+ volunteers who make the store a reality!

4. Pray for the good relationship between Carmel and Department of Social Services (DSS) to remain strong. Our hope is that DSS will continue to seek out the church to help meet the needs of the Least of These in the city.