We value worship at Carmel because our God is due our worship and praise. We are called to worship God privately as individuals and together as a congregation, the body of Christ.


Click here for the music used in our corporate worship services.

Carmel Worship Album

The Carmel Worship team's first 10-song worship albumPleasing In His Sight, is now out and available to listen to anywhere you stream music! We pray it blesses you to be able to worship throughout the week to the same songs we sing together on Sunday morning.

Find links below to the full album on your favorite music streaming services:

Amazon Music Apple Music
Spotify YouTube Music

Carmel Night of Worship

Our next Night of Worship is Wednesday, May 3. Come celebrate the goodness of God and sing His praise with us. The night is completely family friendly with no childcare provided, so bring your kids and worship together! Worship starts at 7:00pm and Midweek Supper will be served before.