Missions FAQs

Want to go, but have questions? We have answers!


Where do I begin?

Complete a Short Term Mission application online (on Carmel's Website). Application includes a $100 non-refundable deposit (paid online). Complete all required forms and upload all documents listed online for your trip.

What if I don't have a valid passport?

- All short term trip participants are required to have a valid passport. A passport is considered valid if it meets the following criteria:

  • Does not expire within 6 months of the trip return date for your trip
  • Minimum of 2 blank visa pages
  • The bearer of the passport has signed it, in the designated area

- If the participant does not have a valid passport they must begin the passport application or renewal process as soon as possible. If you cannot provide documentation showing that you are in process of renewing or obtaining a passport, you might be asked to join a later trip.

- To get more information on the passport application and renewal process click here.

Are there age or physical requirements for Carmel’s short term trips?

- Each trip has different requirements, so please read the descriptions carefully before you apply. In general, our teams are planned for participants 16 years and older unless approved by the trip leader and/or the Global Outreach Pastor. Our Carmel Student trips are planned for High School students.

- Any health concerns, severe allergies, or other related issues must be discussed with the trip leader before beginning the application process.

If I am not a Carmel member, Can I still join a trip?

Carmel membership is not required before you go on a short term trip.

Will I be safe?

- We do our best to ensure our teams are safe by having experienced Carmel staff, as well as, local partners vet each trip. Any trip that meets a certain risk threshold will be reviewed by our Risk Assessment Team and all participants will be notified of the elevated risk potential.

- While we'll never recklessly send a team into harm's way, the reality is, we cannot guarantee anyone's safety any more here in Charlotte, than we can in any other place around the world.

What is the cost of a trip?

Costs vary based on the trip's destination, duration, and scope. For specific costs, please see the list of open trips on our website.

How do I pay for it?

Typically trip participants will raise the funds necessary for their trip.

  • 50% of the funds are due 2 months prior to departure.
  • 100% of the funds are due 2 weeks prior to departure. Participants who are not fully funded will not be eligible to travel.
  • The deadlines are based on airline ticketing, lodging, and other on the ground expenses.

How can people donate to my trip?

- One of the most effective ways is to raise money is to send support letters or emails to family and friends. Service Reef, our online trip portal, provides a very convenient way to share about your trip and provide a way for people to donate. Potential donors can access Service Reef through Carmel’s website or by a direct link you provide. On the site they can donate to your trip, learn about our church, the ministry partner, and get updates about the trip.

- You can also raise money by selling goods or services (i.e. bake sales, etc.).

- Donations made by check should be made payable to "Carmel Baptist Church," the memo line left BLANK, and sent directly to Carmel Baptist Church (Attn: Global Missions, 1145 Pineville-Matthews Road, Matthews, NC 28105). NOTE: Please request that donors include a note with the trip and participant name.

- All donations are non-refundable. Our Nations Ministry Assistant will process and post all donations as they come.

Can I pay my own way?

Yes, participants can pay for their trip out of pocket. However, all participants, whether they raise support or pay their own way, are expected to invite a team of prayer supporters to do their part in participating in what God is doing around the world. This is a spiritual endeavor, therefore we dare not go in our own strength. We desperately need prayer support.

What does my support/cost of trip cover?

- Your trip cost includes airfare, food and lodging, in-country transportation, insurance, visas and other country required taxes, and other trip specific costs.

- Your trip does NOT include immunizations, passport fees, spending money, food/drink while traveling to/from destinations, medical expenses in the event of injury or illness occurs while in-country.

What happens if I raise extra support?

- Any additional money raised will be used to help those who have not been able to raise their full support.

- Published trip costs represent only a portion of the total cost associated with each trip. Additional funds may also be used to offset project-related expenses. Please note that no money will be refunded and it will be strictly used by the Nations Ministry.

What happens with my support if I cancel my trip?

- All trip donations are tax deductible and non-refundable.

- All deadlines and money requirements are set based on expenses such as airfare and lodging.

- All deadlines and trip requirements will be clearly communicated by the trip leader.

Is there a form I need to sign?

- All necessary forms are accessed on Service Reef.

- If you are 17 or younger on the departure date for your trip, complete all forms for "Minors" and if you are 18 or older complete all forms for "Adults."

Will I need immunizations before I go?

Required immunizations vary by destination. Your team leader and/or Service Reef will inform you of any necessary immunizations.

What about trip accommodations?

Accommodations vary for every trip depending on the location. All specifics will be answered by your trip leader at the logistics meeting. Flexibility and adaptability is very important on a short term trip.

What is the size of a short term trip?

Trip sizes vary based on the ministry needs and practicality of transportation, but trips do have size limits which can be found on the trip pages.

Is there anything else required for trip participants?

- Participants are expected to attend all scheduled team training meetings. These trainings are aimed at preparing the team for cross-cultural and country specific experiences.Attendance is mandatory.

- There is also a required team debrief held once the trip returns.

- Meeting locations may be on campus or at a team member's home.

What if the trip I wanted to apply for is full?

If your preferred trip is full, you will be placed on a waiting list. If there is an upcoming trip to the same location the trip leader will contact you.

Do I buy my own tickets and arrange my travel?

- The trip leader and Nations Ministry Assistant work together to make travel arrangements. You do not need to purchase your own tickets.

- All travel details will be communicated by the trip leader as they are arranged.

What if there is an emergency while in-country?

- In the event of an emergency in-country, the Nations staff will work with the ministry partner to get the team to the closest safe facility. If it is medical related, the insurance provided will cover medical evacuation if the situation should require it.

- Our ministry partners are well established and have plans in place for any emergency that might come up and the Nations Staff will be in communication with the emergency contact if necessary.

Do I have to speak another language?

No, you do not have to speak any language other than English. If you happen to speak the native language, that is great and will be an asset to the team. If you don't speak the native language there will be a translator as needed for the team, so don't worry about that!