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Through Jesus...

3/17/20 | ABLE, News | by Alex Kennedy, Senior Pastor

Through Jesus...

    Carmel Friends and Family,

    If you have a lawn - or a child - you are no doubt are familiar with the dandelion. This widely distributed member of the daisy family displays bright yellow flowers that transform into downy heads of feathery seeds. In our culture, dandelions are often seen as a weed and a nuisance, however, dandelions are known in many cultures for their nourishing and healing properties.

    How many dandelions does it take to cover your entire lawn?  

    Only one, given a little time. Dandelions grow from seeds, have a single deep taproot and, rather than relying on other flowers to reproduce, multiply on their own by spreading their own sustainable seed far and near. By the time you see a dandelion plant it is already well established and has a new generation in the works. One tiny, whimsical seed becomes an almost impossible-to-defeat army of sunny flowers marching from yard to yard.

    Dandelions are a picture of what we are meant to be as Christ Followers: deep-rooted, resilient, bearing nourishment and healing, and spreading seeds of gospel truth and love both near and far!

    Our mission to make disciples - the Great Commission (Matthew 28) - beckons us to places BEYOND our campus and church family (Acts 1:8).

    The Able Life is a celebration of all the ways seeds of gospel truth are spread and planted. A celebration of how God is at work in and through the lives of the Carmel family.

    Enjoy pausing to celebrate how God is at work. And as you do, take time to pray and ask God how He wants to use you today in big and small ways for His glory.

    Through Jesus...
    • We are deeply rooted & resilient.
      Before we can visibly blossom, we must concentrate on growing our deep taproot by abiding in Jesus Christ. Being secure and rooted in our identity as children of the Living God and disciples of Jesus allows us to be resilient, even flourishing and multiplying in hardship.
    • We effectively seed & stick.
      While dandelion seeds blow where the wind (or a five-year-old) takes them, as believers, we rely on the Holy Spirit to send us where He wants us to go. On arriving, we send our roots down deep into Jesus as small, sunny blooms begin to appear on the surface for all to see.
    • We uniquely nourish & heal.
      Just as the dandelion is food for pollinators and people, we, as disciples, are meant to be the embodiment of the healing and hope found only in Jesus.

    Love you Carmel,
    Pastor Alex