Preschool Family Resources

On Fridays, Carmel Preschool will provide a simple resource for you to give your kids to work on during Pastor Alex’s sermon. Then on Wednesdays, we will have a lesson just for preschoolers, to enjoy as a family during the week.

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Preschoolers, we miss seeing you on Sundays!  If you click below, we have a playlist of our favorite Sunday morning songs for you to singalong at home- enjoy!

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Weekly Preschool Lesson

Our weekly preschool lesson, to be enjoyed as a family, will be posted here each Wednesday - so check back every week

March 7 - Sunday Lesson

Sunday Morning Worship Resources

Worshipping on campus? Join us on campus for worship at 9:30 or 11:00am. Pick up a busy bag at the Welcome Desk to help keep your preschooler occupied during the message. We also invite you to register so that your preschooler can join us in Preschool Ministry on Sunday’s at 9:30am.

Worshipping at home?  Check out our Preschool Lesson for this week. 

Sunday Morning Worship Tips

We are each establishing a new routine for our families on Sunday mornings! We want to help you as a family connect with the body at Carmel as you tune into the worship at 9:30am via YouTube or Facebook Live. That can be hard to do with little ones in the room! What a wonderful opportunity our preschoolers have to see what "big church" is like, to hear you sing your praises to the Lord, and to watch you open your Bible and learn from it! Here are a few tips:

  • Designate a special space in the room for your child to play in during church (you can mark a circle with masking tape.)
  • Have a small basket per child with very quiet toys that are only used on Sunday during church.
  • Include a snack and a sippy cup in the basket.
  • Include your child's Children's Bible. 
  • Talk ahead of time about how important the time is that you will spend together.
    • Expect your children to stand up and sing during the praise and worship time.
    • Then explain how important it is for them to play quietly so that you can learn about Jesus during the time Pastor Alex talks.
    • For older preschoolers, give them a keyword to listen for during the sermon. See if they can mark on a piece of paper, or put aside something they can count with every time they hear the word "Jesus" or "Pray" or something else you feel sure Pastor Alex will say frequently during a sermon. 
  • Give a special incentive for after church is over if they are able to listen quietly!