Summer 2023

We are so glad summer is here! There is a lot going on in Carmel Students throughout the next couple months. Summer creates a unique time to dig deeply into discipleship and community. We believe there is tremendous potential for growth both in our personal relationship with the Lord and disciple-making. Below is all of the information about what is going on plus a link to a form to let us know how you plan to be a part of this summer’s activities and events. Please fill out the form for each student. 


Discipleship Community

Yes, we will meet all summer long for DC. Each Sunday will look a little different but will include a variety of elements such as games, testimonies, messages, small group time, videos, prayer, and worship. Our focus throughout the summer will be how God uses all stories to point back to Himself and how that truth changes our story. We will highlight the stories of different Biblical figures along with our intern’s personal testimonies and other students to demonstrate how God has invited us into His grand story.

Time: 9:30am-10:40am  /  Dates: Sundays, June 4 - August 13 in the Student Auditorium

Taco Tuesdays

What could be better than talking about Jesus and eating tacos? Our summer interns will lead some gospel-centered discussions. Come ready to chat about what the Lord has taught you.

Time: 12:00pm-1:30pm  /  Dates: Tuesdays, June 6, 20 / July 11, 25 at Tacos 4 Life at the Arboretum

Campus Rec Nights 

Friendly competition ✔ Games that anyone can play ✔ Intentional Senior Leadership ✔ Our amazing group of seniors will be leading our beloved camp rec teams such as the pirates, ninjas, knights, etc. We will be placing students on teams that will face off each week in a couple of games culminating into a Championship Night on the 3rd week. We understand that you may not make every single Wednesday night due to summer plans and that's okay, but if you take a spot, please participate as much as possible! Register at the link below!

Time: 6:30pm-8:00pm  /  Dates: Wednesdays (July 5, 12, 26) at Carmel

Joy Ministry Outreach

Ready to serve alongside one another? We are partnering with our Joy Ministry here at Carmel for an outreach event. We are bringing the activities and people to support the outreach. We want to create a fun atmosphere for those with special needs and help make connections for families to support one another. Parents are welcome to serve as well. Outreach event will be either at Carmel or a local park. Everyone will meet there. The main serving time will be from 5:00-8:00pm but there are some additional times to check on the registration link below if you are able to help setup or tear down. Please, check all time options that you can be there for.

Time: 3:00pm-9:00pm  /  Date: Sunday - July 10 at Carmel or a Local Park

Night of Worship & Prayer

We are going to praise God for the incredible God that He is, celebrate His work in our lives over the summer, and pray for the days ahead. All students and leaders are welcome to come and be a part.

Time: 6:30pm-8:00pm  /  Date: Sunday - August 6 in the Student Auditorium 

Other Details 

Attendance - As you look through the opportunities, we recognize that you may not be able to attend every time based on your schedule. However, we do ask that if you take a spot, please participate as much as possible.

Leaders - If you are an adult leader or parent and would like to be involved we ask you to fill out the registration form as well. We will be in touch with you soon. 

Please use the link at the top to register to let us know how you plan to be a part this summer.