Surrendering the Secret

Spring 2022: Tuesday Evenings, February 15-March 29, 6:30-8:30 pm 

Statistics show that close to 43% of women of childbearing age have experienced abortion and that experience may have lifelong repercussions on a woman’s choices, her lifestyle, her innermost feelings about herself, others, and God. While the abortion procedure may take very little time, the anguish may last a lifetime. Many women never link the abortion decision to the hopelessness and despondency in their lives, and never realize the root cause of much of the unrest in their hearts is the grieving for a child they never knew and for a relationship with the Lord that may not be all it could be.

Surrendering the Secret is a study designed to bring women together who understand the need for seeking peace with the past and desire a better understanding of God's plan for making the most painful losses of their past work for His glory! Our mission is to provide a supportive and confidential environment that facilitates healing and restoration from a past abortion and bringing a sense of hope and purpose for the future. If you experienced abortion in your past, this study is for you. This 8-week study offers a 6 step biblical healing model led by women who have been where you are and know how you feel while offering hope, healing and restoration through scripture and the healing power of the Holy Spirit.

  • "I was happy to be in a small, anonymous group of women of all ages. It was the relief of a burden that I'd had for way too long. I can personally attest by attending this small group in a comfortable setting, you will have a trusting, faith-filled leader and you will meet ordinary women just like you and me, sharing real-life stories. I don't think you'll regret your decision. You have more to lose by not sharing. See, God wasn't punishing me, He was with me! My guardian angel husband was encouraging me that God wants us to face our fears and will set us free!!" - N
  • "STS allowed me to release the guilt and shame I placed upon myself at the time of my abortion decision. I've experienced relief from the negative feelings and emotions and can now rejoice in the fact one day I'll be reunited with my unborn child. STS also gave me courage to share my story with multiple people and that has been incredibly healing and redemptive." - S

To inquire about Surrendering the Secret Small Groups please email . Inquiries are completely confidential.