WEE School Approach

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Our Weekday Early Education School is a program of care and education for preschoolers, 6 weeks of age until entrance into kindergarten. Carmel provides a Christian environment for preschoolers to learn and grow. The church sees the WEE School as part of it's Preschool Ministries and uses it as a service and outreach to our community.

Our WEE School program includes activities that help the child grow emotionally, mentally, physically, socially and spiritually - meeting the needs of the total child.

Emotionally, a child will learn to adjust to a time away from home and develop a love and trust for their teachers. Helping a child to discover and explore the world around him will help him grow mentally. Basics, such as colors, shapes, numbers and alphabet will be introduced in a way that makes learning fun.

Physically, the WEE School provides outside play, music with movement, and manipulative toys to help a child develop a healthy body, as well as fine and gross motor skills. As preschoolers play and interact with one another they make friends and grow socially. Spiritually, the child will hear Christian teachers share Bible thoughts, stories, songs, and prayers that help them learn about God, Jesus and the Bible.

Our desire is to grow well-rounded preschoolers who leave our program with a good self-image, happy, confident and eager to learn. That's what the preschool years are all about!