Apply to be a Serving Leader

We are so glad you are considering an opportunity to serve at Carmel.

Serving Leaders Application Process

Volunteers glorify Christ by using their God-given gifts, talents, and abilities to encourage and strengthen His Church. Volunteers are vital to accomplishing Carmel’s Mission to Make Disciples of those Nearest, our Neighbors, and the Nations! You are choosing to have influence with others. As a Serving Leader, you will be on the front lines, guiding others to embrace a life of following Christ. By generously living, you are leading - making disciples of Jesus!

Before completing the application, we ask you to do the following:

1. Have an idea of what ministry area(s) you may be interested in joining. 

2. Read our STATEMENT OF FAITH. If you have any questions about what we believe or disagree with any of the points, please contact Jeremy Amick, our Adult Pastor, for clarification.

3. Read OUR MISSION page.

Below is the process to follow and the people to talk to regarding your journey into serving at Carmel.

Step 1: Complete the Serving Leader Application (See Link Below).

Step 2: Attend the Serving Leaders Training (one hour session; you will receive an email invitation).

Step 3: Complete a Background Check process if you are serving with those under the age of 18 or with special needs.

Step 4: Complete a brief “Ministry Chat” with a Connector (whom will be assigned to you after completing the first three steps). The Ministry Connector will contact the appropriate ministry area for placement. Someone from that ministry should contact you about getting started soon.


Click HERE to complete the Serving Leader Application.