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A Blessing in the Desert

Jun 21, 2015
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A Blessing in the Desert
This morning I had the privilege of preaching a Father’s Day message about God’s perfect love for His children. God’s intent for us,His children, is a life of shalom, fulfillment, and prosperity. When sin broke that shalom, God put a loving plan in place to restore that right relationship with His children. We see that plan as it moves from Abraham, to Isaac, to Jacob, to Joseph, to Moses, and on, and on…

Because of this sin-filled world that we live in, we often find ourselves in Yeshimon desert. Yeshimon is devastating desert that is not survivable alone. We must be dependent on God in the desert. To be dependent on God, we must let go of pride, comfort, and control. In this place of humility, we kneel before the father and let his blessing give us strength to carry on. Dependence on the Father is all we have…and it is enough.

Genesis 12:1-3 shows God’s plan as he puts it into action through Abram. Paul uses the example of God and Abram to explain God’s plan in Galatians 3:7-9,14, 29. God’s plan is the gift of Jesus and through Him we can have shalom with God.

To discuss as a family today
1. When have you found yourself in Yeshimon desert? (loss, broken relationship, etc.)

2. Why is it so hard to let go of control, pride, and comfort? Why is it worth it to give up those things?

3. In what ways today do you experience the Father’s love?

4. How has God blessed you? If you are blessed to be a blessing, then who will you bless?

Holy Father, thank you for your perfect love. I know I can turn to you for every answer in life, but too often I rely on myself. I commit to let go of my control, my pride, and my own comfort to live the life in Christ that you want for me. Thank you for the blessings you give. Most importantly, thank you for the blessing of Jesus that brings shalom in the chaos of life. I commit today to see the blessings that I have, and I choose to allow you to work through me to be a blessing to others around me.