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A Father’s Job Description

Jun 15, 2014
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All the King’s Men

Today Pastor Alex took a pause from the Matthew series to speak about Daddy’s Day. There is a big difference between a Father and a Dad, and we are challenged to lead, love, and serve our families. God’s heart is for men to reflect Him to make His name known. As men, we are image-bearers of God, of Jesus, and of the Father. We get the privilege and responsibility of imaging the Father to our family.

In Robert Lewis’ book, Raising a Modern Day Knight, he speaks of the responsibility of the first Adam, the second Adam (Jesus), and men.

Responsibility Adam Jesus Men
A will to obey Don’t eat the fruit The Garden of Gethsemane Obey the Scriptures
A work to do Tend the fields Redemption of man A sacred calling
A woman to love Eve The Bride of Christ wife


Men’s work to do is a sacred work that starts at home! Men need to give everything they can in the moment at home.

1 Thessalonians 2:11-12 gives us a Daddy’s job Description:

1. Exhort them – Dads need to be intentional with each of their children, recognizing that each one of them is unique and different. There are times to be like a coach on the sideline of a game, where you are urging and pleading them to be all that they can be!

2. Encourage them – Dads need to be their kids biggest cheerleader. Dads have the ability to give their kids courage to live in a scary world. Let them know that you believe in them.

3. Charge them – Dads need to tell their own story to their kids. Be a referee that can give witness to a Life in Christ. Be real with your kids.

6 helps to being a great dad:

1. Search the Scriptures

2. Read good books about fathers

3. Look for good examples around you

4. Ask someone to mentor you

5. Pray for wisdom

6. Choose to be a dad that fully invests into a generation that will go into a time that you will not see.

Questions to discuss as a family today

1. Who do you know that is a great dad? Why do you feel that way?

2. How has your dad exhorted you? Encouraged you? Charged you?

3. If you are a dad, what is one thing that you would do to be more intentional with your kids?

4. Tell your dad why you are thankful for him.


Thank God for being a perfect Father that loves us specifically. Praise God for His intentionality to care for us so intimately. Spend time praying for the fathers in your life and ask God to grant them wisdom, patience, and an understanding of their sacred calling.