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A Kingdom that Values Life

Feb 23, 2014
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King Jesus and the Queen City

This morning Pastor Alex addressed the glaring difference between King Herod and King Jesus in Matthew 2:13-23. Herod had a worldview that did not value life, and we see that same worldview in our culture today. This passage shows us that God’s word is trustworthy because they fulfilled prophesy. The prophets Hosea and Jeremiah both spoke to the Israelites during the exile, and that is significant because it points to Jesus as a suffering servant.

Pastor Alex spoke boldly about life and the abomination of abortion. One in three ladies have had an abortion, and the national statistics are heart-breaking. In fact, 137 abortions occurred during the hour of worship you were in this morning, and 55 million babies have lost their lives in the US since Roe vs Wade. This is a moral/biblical issue that plays itself out in the political arena. The medical facts about the beginning of life, and the science of conception is remarkable. We truly are fearfully and wonderful made!

10 things we can do to be a voice!

1. Develop a biblical worldview on the sanctity of life.

2. Ask for forgiveness for our apathy as individuals and the church

3. Pray for America and our churches

4. Volunteer and/or donate to the Pregnancy Resource Center

5. Adopt

6. Speak up! Speak truth into nonsense that you hear

7. Vote your biblical convictions

8. Express the value of life to the disabled community

9. Be a grace giver…The blood of Christ took my guilt, but the body of Christ took away my shame.


Questions to discuss as a family today

1. When does life begin? How does your answer line up with Genesis 1:27?

2. Are you an image bearer of God (Imago Dei)? Why? How?

3. What will you do to be a voice for life? Pick 2 or 3 things from the list above and prayerfully consider how you will engage this incredibly crucial battle for life.


Praise God and thank Him for sending His son to be the King of Life. Confess any apathy you have had as an individual or as a church in this area. Commit to do something as an individual or a family to be a voice for life, and commit that God will get the glory for it. Pray for God’s healing, grace, and peace for those that have had an abortion that were in attendance this morning. Pray for the men of Carmel to honor the women around them and hold them up to a standard worthy of “image-bearer” of God. Start in your home first.