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Blessed are the Meek

Apr 13, 2014
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King Jesus in the Queen City: A Study of Matthew

Matthew 5:5 says, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” Jesus is referring to Psalm 37:1-11 as he is stating this passage. He is showing us that we need to trust, delight, commit, and be still before God. These disciplines will lead towards meekness (gentleness). There is a softness of heart that is yielded before God. Meekness begins with our vertical relationship with God, and then overflows into the horizontal relationship with people. Our human nature does not want to be meek because we do not like to surrender.

Meekness is not cowering to others. Numbers 12:3 states that Moses was called meekest on earth. He had strength, confidence, and courage with his gentleness. With meekness, we have power that is controlled under the Lordship of Christ.

Today is Palm Sunday, also known as Lamb Selection Day. In Jesus’ day, families would select a spotless lamb to be presented to the priest to be slaughtered on behalf of their sins. This is the day that Jesus rode in on a donkey. The King and creator of all, in meekness, allowed Himself to be selected for the slaughter of mankind for our sin.


Questions to discuss as a family today

1. How is your life similar to the donkey that Jesus rode on Palm Sunday? Are you a donkey?

2. How can you grow in meekness?

3. How are you doing on your “Mountain Challenge” of memorizing all or part of the Sermon on the Mount? What is your goal for this week?

4. How will you and your family reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice this week?

Memorizing helps:


2. Bibleminded App

3. Record the passage in your own voice and listen

4. Scripture Typer App – this is the one that Pastor Alex showed in service



Worship God for His plan to redeem the world through His Son. Thank Jesus for being meek in His life and sacrifice. Confess where you let selfishness and control take control in your life, and commit to spend time with the Father so that He can transform your heart to one that is filled with gentleness.