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Childlike Trust

Sep 7, 2014
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King Jesus and the Queen City

If this life is all we live for, then we have a reason to worry. Thankfully, we serve a risen Savior and have a home in heaven. If we are not careful, worry can strangle us and actually shorten our lives. The majority of things that we worry about either do not come to pass or they are things that we have no control over. Jesus, in Matthew 6:25-34 very clearly says, “Do not worry.” God cares for the birds of the air and the flowers of the field, and we are considered more valuable than those things. We were created in the image of God with a soul. He is sovereign God.

If worry is confined to tomorrow, then it gives us freedom to live today. We need to remember to have a high view of God and a right view of man so that we can live a life of peace. Trust is a result of living that way. Worry shows a lack of trust in God’s plan and provision for your life.


To discuss as a family today

1. What causes you to worry? What can you do about that?

2. What is that fear that alters your life?

3. Go outside by yourself or as a family and look at the birds and flowers. Reflect on the fact that those things do not worry because they know God cares for them. Then realize that you are cared for even more! Spend a few minutes praising God for His reminder of providing for you.



Father, I praise you for the reminder that you care for me more than I can imagine. I am sorry that I worry because it shows my lack of faith and trust in your plan. I commit to let tomorrow worry about itself and I choose to live in the freedom of today. I choose to claim Psalm 56:3 that says, “When I am afraid, I will trust in you”. Thank you for perfect Jesus who leads a perfect Kingdom. I find great comfort in that truth. Father, I choose to live in faith over fear this week, but I need your help. Thank you for the peace that passes understanding.