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Cultivate: The Challenge Takes Root

Jan 10, 2016
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The Cultivate Challenge: The Challenge Takes Root 

This morning we had the privilege of hearing about some exciting opportunities we have to invest into the Kingdom through the Cultivate Challenge. Part of our Generations team shared an intentional plan of discipling the next generation from birth through adulthood. We learned how a Student Discipleship Center would be an essential tool in cultivating that vision. We believe that it is crucial to raise a generation that understand “whose” they are so that they can be difference-makers for the Kingdom. Pastor Jay followed that with some specifics regarding the space that is being proposed.

You can learn more about the Cultivate Challenge here.

Pastor Alex shared his vision that the Cultivate Challenge would do two things:
1. That HE would cultivate hearts and homes so that we are not the same, but are changed and living with open hands.
2. That we would invest intentionally into a Student Discipleship Center so that we can live out our mission of making disciples of our Nearest.

The culture around us is changing, and we must be laser-focused on the task in front of us. We must be willing “to plant shade trees that someone else can sit under”. We must finish the task that was set before us.


Questions to discuss as a family today

1. Pray for the Lord to till up the soil of your heart.
2. Discern what He would ask you to do to sacrifice and invest into the future
3. Commit – Let the Spirit speak to you and be prepared to commit to the Cultivate Challenge over the next month.



Father, thank you for Your provision of The Church. Help me know how my family can invest into eternity. I choose today to listen and discern Your Spirit’s leading, and I will commit to give whatever You ask…in faith. Thank you for choosing to use me to be a part of your Kingdom. I want to plant good trees.