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Framed – The Gospel and Politics

Jun 30, 2019
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Framed: The Gospel and Politics
About every 500 years, cultures go through a tectonic shift both culturally and spiritually.
500 years ago – Renaissance and the Reformation
1000 years ago – the Great Schism (gave us our 43000 different denominations)
1500 years ago – Fall of Rome and the Dark Ages
2000 years ago – Rome and Jesus
Right now, we are in another “shift” that experts are calling “The Millennial Shift”, and this shift is expected to be the most significant since Jesus. We must remember that this is nothing new, but craziness will follow because it always does.
Too often, Christians allow politics to educate their faith, when instead we need to show how the gospel informs our engagement. In Mark 12:13-17, Jesus did a masterful job of disconnecting the people from a single government. John 18:36 shows us that Jesus’ Kingdom is “not of this world.”
1. The gospel means that a Christians primary citizenship is in the Kingdom of God.
We see this in Hebrews 11, 1 Peter 2, and Phil 3)
No kingdom or nation can be called God’s people. Our identity as Christians supersedes any nationality. We are just passing through. Charlotte, NC, USA is not our home. Actually, we have more in common with our brothers and sisters from other nations than we do with our neighbors who are not believers.
2. The gospel tells us that Christians are ultimately accountable to God.
Our duty to earthly authority is limited. Our duty to God is unlimited. There is time for peaceful, civil disobedience
3. The gospel tells us that the Christian’s hope is in Christ, not politics.
Every earthly kingdom is temporary and all have corruption in them due to sin. In contrast, Jesus is perfect and His Kingdom is perfect! He ushered in a new Kingdom that will never end. He is a leader that came to serve…not to be served. Jesus conquered sin and death so that people might live. This is the opposite of earthly kingdoms throughout history. Philippians 2:5-11
4. The gospel unites what the world divides.
Our nation can’t even have civil debates right now. Thankfully, we see in Revelation 7 a great multitude shouting with ONE VOICE. We are united because of the gospel of Jesus. Unfortunately, we are not even doing well as believers when it comes to unity. Ephesians 2:13-16. What would Paul say to us today?
 Jesus was both the most liberal and most conservative at the same time. We will stand in heaven with those that are labeled differently than we are. We will all have one voice under Christ. We need a church willing to show that the gospel unites believers! Let’s be labeled as lovers of God and disciples of Jesus Christ.
To Discuss Today:
1. Why do you get so emotional regarding people that have radically different political beliefs than you do?
2. Do you find yourself unintentionally putting your hope in the political system? Why?
3. When have you let politics educate you on your faith?
4. When was the last time you prayed for our government officials? Do that this week!