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Fulfillment of the Law

Jul 13, 2014
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King Jesus and the Queen City

Pastor Alex resumed our series in Matthew this morning by preaching Matthew 5:17-20. This portion of the Sermon on the Mount was a clear message from Jesus that He was the fulfillment of the Law and the Prophets. Remember, whenever you read “the Law and the Prophets”, it is the Jewish way of referring to the Old Testament. In verse 17, Jesus is saying, “I AM the fulfillment of this”. It is much stronger than an endorsement or support. All of the sacrifices and rituals will end in Jesus!

He goes on in verse 18 to say “Amen” at the beginning of His statement instead of the end. This was a radical thing to do. He doesn’t have to quote anyone else. He is saying, “I AM the Amen”! Since He IS the Word, He believes even in the smallest letter (the iota) and the smallest pen stroke of that letter (dot). We should too.

In verse 19, Jesus begins to point out that the Word is what it is. The Pharisees were picking, choosing, and layering the laws to be what benefited them. Jesus is saying that if you teach, but do not do, then it is a big deal. Their laws were adding rules and regulations in order to be able to accomplish the law. In light of this, Jesus went to the heart.

Finally, in verse 20, Jesus calls out the Pharisees. This was a scandalous statement because there was great religious celebrity in that day. Jesus is saying that we will never measure up or be good enough to enter the Kingdom of Heaven on our own. Self-effort will always fail. The good news is that Jesus, the second Adam, came to sacrifice Himself in order for us to have life through Him.


Questions to discuss as a family today

1. What do you think of the Scripture?

2. Are there any traditions or rules that you have added to your life to make you feel more godly? What are those things? Why?



Thank God for giving us His son, Jesus, to fulfill the law and the prophets. Praise Jesus for living a sinless life in order for us to be able to live through Him. Confess that you can not ever be good enough on your own, and choose to lay down any traditions or rituals that you have added to your life to make yourself feel “good enough” for God. Praise God for His patience with you and for loving you unconditionally. Thank God for the truth of the Scripture, and commit to know it in your head and your heart.