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Nov 22, 2015
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A Conversation about Spiritual Disciplines
“Great people plant shade trees that they will never sit under.” This morning Pastor Alex guided us to understand more about the spiritual discipline of generosity. As we studied 2 Corinthians 8:1-9, Pastor Alex pointed out three keys to unleashing generosity:

1. Grace unleashes gratitude that unleashes generosity

We must remember that we own nothing, but steward everything. We steward our possessions, our body, our family, our health. It is ALL His.

2. Generosity is unleashed by an obedient heart (2 Cor 9:11-13)

When we “glorify God”, we put Him in the spotlight for who He is. In this passage, we see that because of the submission (obedience) and generosity, God was made much of.

Tithing means “a tenth”. In Matthew 23:23 Jesus is teaching and assumes that the people are tithing. We are to tithe with a “heart of joy”. If you are a “grace-giver”, it would mean that you are giving above and beyond the 10% tithe.

3 reasons why the American church does not tithe:

1. We are afraid
2. We are uninformed
3. We are choosing to disobey

3. Clarity of the character of God unleashes generosity

We see throughout God’s story of restoration that He is very generous. It is a part of His nature.

Creation – God made an abundance for all we need and all we can enjoy
Fall – God clothed man even when man broke the relationship with the Father
Redemption – God gave Jesus, His Son. He gave us the Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts, and more.

To discuss today
1. Are you really generous? Do you reflect the heart of the Father? Do you live your life understanding that you are a steward of all that you have been given? How?

Father, thank you for your generosity! I am humbled by how much you gave…beginning with your Son, Jesus. Jesus, thank you for your selfless act of giving Your life just for me. I want to live with open hands and live generously so that You are put in the spotlight. I choose to give up fear for trust.