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Generous Serving

Jan 29, 2014
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This morning we paused the study in Matthew as Pastor Jeremy talked about the joy of serving others. We were given puzzle pieces to remind us of the truth presented in 1 Peter 4:10-11. God has a big picture. When we submit our lives, gifts, talents, energy, and abilities to Him, He places us perfectly within the ministry He is building. Your life is a piece of God’s great puzzle. When you allow Him to place you perfectly within His plan, God is glorified, other people are blessed, and you are filled with a joy that only God can provide.

In 1 Peter, the Apostle is writing to Christians that are facing intense persecution. Instead of instructing them to hide, remain quiet, or live cautiously, Peter is inspired by the Spirit to encourage the believers to boldly love and serve others. In this passage, we are reminded:

1. We are obedient in following Christ when we serve others. God gave us a piece of His puzzle with a purpose in mind. When we live generously, we show an authentic faith in our Lord Jesus.

2. God provides everything we need to serve Him faithfully. Because the Holy Spirit empowers us in ministry, our puzzle piece is perfect for the ministry assignment God is giving to us. When we live generously, we serve in the confidence that God will complete the work He began.

3. Bringing God glory should be the reason we serve others. Your piece is incomplete without a connection with others. When our pieces come together in the place God intended, people see the hand and work of God, not our individual piece.

Questions to discuss as a family today

1. Can you recall an event or moment that you served others with joy? How did God use this experience to strengthen your faith?

2. What gifts has the Holy Spirit given to you for serving others? What “shape” is your puzzle piece? How does God want you to use the abilities, talents, and resources He has given you to strengthen His Church?

3. Where do you serve in the ministry of Carmel? How does your service help form the “big picture” of God’s plan? How does this picture bring glory to God?


Praise God for calling us to serve. Give Him praise for the work He is doing. Pray for the unity of His Church and that we would work together in serving others. Pray that we would use all that God has given us to bring Him glory and strengthen His Body, the Church. Since all we have is a gift from God, give Him thanks for all we have. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide us in developing a generous heart for serving.