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God Always Has A Plan (Acts 13-14)

Jul 11, 2021
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God Always Has a Plan (Acts 13-14)
Many people have long-term career, financial, and retirement plans for their lives. However, as Christ followers we must focus our attention on God’s eternal plan for our lives. Before meeting Jesus on the Damascus road, Paul had a life plan for success and fame. That was changed to God’s plan, a plan that would include multiplying God’s work and suffering for God’s purposes. As we look today at Acts 13-14, we see God working in a powerful way during the First Missionary Journey.
The Lord often speaks to His people when they are in a place of worship. This place is not a physical location, but a posture of the heart. This heart posture creates space for the Holy Spirit to speak and fan the flame of God’s work through His people. Therefore, it is essential that we place prayer on the forefront of all we do, rather than a last resort. Prayer and fasting is key to understanding the plan of God.
The enemy of God is at war against the work of God. As we see in Acts 13 with Elymas, few are going to welcome the message of God. But the obstacles of ridicule, persecution, hardship, or difficultes should not deter us from proclaiming the Gospel. No obstacle can thwart the plan of God. We must remember that God is with us and empowers us to overcome fear and discouragement.
God is always at work when we speak and live the Gospel. The Good News of Jesus keeps our hearts focused on what is most important to God. Paul and Barnabas did not get discouraged on this First Missionary Journey because they saw the work of God through their lives and they understood God’s purpose for their lives. Where the Word of God is proclaimed, disciples of Jesus are multiplied. Our focus must have an eternal perspective.
There is great joy in joining the work of God. In Acts 13-14, we see a multitude of people turn from sin to trust in Jesus. This transformation occurred because God was at work and the followers of Christ were faithful to the Holy Spirit’s leading. God is still at work today. When we join Him, we glorify Him and enjoy Him forever.



To Discuss Today:
1.  In  what ways are you attempting to keep the flame of Christ ablaze in your life?
2. What draws you to prayer? Is prayer a daily rhythm that you enjoy or something you utilize when other resources are inadequate?
3. In what ways do you see the Lord at work today in our world? How do you see Him at work in the Carmel family? How is Jesus working within you right now? In what specific way is the Spirit of God speaking to you?