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God Can Do Anything

Oct 12, 2014
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King Jesus and the Queen City

Today we moved into Matthew Chapter 8. Jesus had climbed the mountain with His disciples to formally teach them about discipleship. He came down that mountain with crowds and He began to show them what discipleship looks like. Jesus quickly encounters a leper who intentionally came to Jesus for healing. The leper knelt with humility and recognized the authority that Jesus possessed. He said in faith, “If you will, I know you can heal me.” The leper knew who Jesus was, and called Him “Lord”. Jesus healed him.

Then Jesus encountered a Gentile centurion, who was coming to ask for healing for his servant. Verse 10 says that, “Jesus marveled at his faith.” The centurion understood authority due to his own position, and again, with humility, asked Jesus to heal his servant. Jesus healed him.

Too often we lose the childlike faith that we had when we were first drawn to Christ. Either we do not live by faith anymore, or we are too tired and run out of energy to continue to believe that God will do what He can do. We must continue to believe God can do what is humanly impossible. As Drayton McLane said, “If we live out of our memories of yesterday, and not out of our imagination for tomorrow, then it is time to quit.” If we transfer that quote to discipleship, then it says that we need to remember that we serve an eternal God. As Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Dream big and humbly ask God to make a way if we will…because He can!

To discuss as a family today

1. How are you believing God?

2. Would Jesus marvel at your faith? Why or why not?

3. Who or what are you believing God for?

4. Where are you weary in your journey?

5. Where have you seen your faith increase as God has provided?


Praise God for His perfect plan of redemption. Thank Him for the things that He has done in your life that have caused your faith to increase. Confess where you are tired or faithless in a burden that you have on your heart. Commit to pray daily, with humility, for those burdens that cross your mind daily. Commit to believe that God can, if He will!