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Gospel Proclamation

Aug 23, 2020
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Gospel Proclamation
There are 7.75 billion people on the earth, but about 3 billion of them are considered unreached. They do not have any access to the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are starving spiritually, but do not even know it! These 3 billion make up about 7000 unreached people groups (less than 2% Christian population in these groups).
Gospel poverty can be defined by 3 categories:
1. Never heard – literally never heard of the saving grace of Jesus
2. Never understood – the gospel doesn’t make sense
3. Never embraced – they have heard, but they reject the gospel
Psalm 67:1-5 starts with a reminder of Aaron’s blessing (Numbers 6), “make His face shine on us” SO THAT…your ways may be known on earth and your salvation among the nations.
97% of global church missionaries go where the gospel has already been shared
99% of church mission giving goes to these places where the gospel is already alive
As people of Jesus, we are accountable to share the gospel. We have so many resources.
Bible Translation:
The Illuminations movement is pulling together the 10 largest and most effective Bible translation ministries in order to find synergy to translate the Bible in every language by 2033. Out of over 7000 languages on earth, 3902 do not have the Bible in their heart language.
We don’t spend money, we invest money in ministry for the souls of men.
The average salary of someone in Matthews is $75,000/yr.
That makes 1 day of salary $200
We have 1400 family units @ Carmel
As an example, that is equivalent to $287,000/yr that could be given towards gospel translation without too much sacrifice.
What will God use us to do in the area of gospel translation over the next 10 years?!?!
To Discuss Today:
1. If the Holy Spirit spoke to you and said, “move to the country of __________”, would you do it? Why or why not?
2. What is YOUR role in proclaiming the gospel to those that have never heard?
3. What do you do to understand different cultures and people groups? How will you educate yourself on the people of the world? Here is a resource you could use Operation World or Operation World for Kids to help you know and understand more about the people of the world.
4. Text BIG3 to 704.610.3116 for a quick survey about the BIG3 goals. We want to hear from you!