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Have No Fear

Feb 15, 2015
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King Jesus and the Queen City
In Matthew 10:26-42, Jesus is direct in why we do not have to fear. Pastor Alex gave us four points to help us remember why we should not fear persecution and the unknown.

E – EXPECTED verses 24-25. Fear is often an element of surprise, but Jesus told us persecution would come. We can be ready for it. Remember, do not go looking for it, but be ready.

L – LAST WORD verse 26. God has the last word. If you have been persecuted for the sake of Christ, you have a just, good, kind judge that will set the record straight. In Christ, we have no fear of that judgement.

K – KILL US verses 27-28. The only thing persecutors can do is kill our body. God is the One that cares for the “real” you. Fear God…not man. The fear of God brings obedience, but the fear of man brings disobedience. If you fear man, God will become quite small to you, and the approval of fellow sinners will matter more to you than the fear of God. Remember, the moment you breathe your last breath, you step into the presence of God!

V – VALUE verses 29-32. Your value comes from a Father who knows you perfectly and loves you deeply. The value of anything is assigned by the creator or owner. The Father gives your life value.

So…we must acknowledge Him. Choose NOW what you will do when persecution comes. In the Greek acknowledge means “in”. Life IN CHRIST comes first. Once we are abiding in Him, we can affect the world around us for His glory. And remember, as is stated in verse 40, we can expect a reward in Christ.

To discuss as a family today
1. What are the fears that the enemy puts in your head that makes you less effective for Christ?

2. Are you afraid of dying? Why or why not?

3. Are you growing in your Life in Christ? Sign up to come to our Life in Christ Conference on March 7. Information and Registration can be found here.

Father, I praise you as the Creator of my life. I want to have that reverent fear of you that leads to obedience. I know you have my best interest at heart, and I need your help in not looking for the consequences of living an abundant life in Christ. Please give me the strength to choose you over the world, and to be confident and strong in You.