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Holy Week

Mar 20, 2016
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Holy Week
Matthew 21:1-11 gives the account of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. At face value, that seems a bit odd if you do not understand the context around all of this. The Jews were fed up with being under the control of Rome. They were looking for a military king to come in to be the Messiah. As Jesus enters the city on a donkey, the crowd goes wild. The wave palm branches, a political symbol for Israel, as they shout “Hosanna” which literally means, “Lord, save us NOW”. It was an extremely intense scene. Added to this scene is the fact that it is Passover, so the crowds have swelled since this is a “pilgrimage feast”.
But…Jesus is not a political king. Instead, He is a suffering servant who understands the bigger picture. Jesus is riding into Jerusalem as a lamb riding on a donkey. This particular day is Lamb Selection Day. Each family must choose a spotless lamb that is a year old. Their job is to watch the lamb and make sure it is without blemish for the next week before sacrificing it to God at the Temple. Jesus, by riding in on this particular day is saying, “choose me”. I am the perfect, spotless lamb that will pay the sacrifice for the sin of the world once and for all! We know that He is tried, questioned, and beaten during this week before going to the cross to be sacrificed. It was all so intentional!
Correlating passages: Zechariah 9:9, 2 Kings 9, Exodus 12, Leviticus 23, Isaiah 40
To discuss today
1. Why is there sacrifice? Why did Jesus’ sacrifice satisfy God the Father?
2. How do you think you would have reacted if you had been in Jerusalem that day?
3. Are you going to use your Holy Week bag this week? Take time to remember and prepare for the celebration that is Resurrection Sunday!
4. Where is Jesus now? (Mark 16:19) What does that mean for you and your life circumstances now?
Holy Father, thank you for Your love and Your plan to save the world through Your Son. Jesus, thank you for dying for me. You alone are worthy of my worship, adoration, and praise. I want to remember Your journey this week. Holy Spirit, please teach me to understand and follow Your Word well. Help me have a grateful heart.