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How to Trust Christ in Impossible Situations

Jun 7, 2015
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King Jesus and the Queen City

Our lives are made up of impossible situations. They are all around us. This morning Pastor Alex continued in Matthew 14:13-21 as we looked at Jesus’ miracle of feeding the 5000. This is the only miracle of Jesus that is recorded in all four gospels.

When it looks impossible:

1. Choose to look at who Christ is – v17 – The disciples are looking at what they have. Don’t look at the finite possibilities. Look at Christ! v19- Jesus ordered them to “lay down” which connects Him to Psalm 23 as the Promised One. Jesus was born in Bethlehem, which means, “House of Bread” and He says in John 6, “I am the bread of life”.

If facing impossibilities…stop making excuses!

2. Participate in the moment (step out in faith) – Jesus told the disciples to go and feed the people, and they did. We make the mistake of living in safety and security instead of leaping in faith.

3. Pray – v19 – Hebrew prayer, “Praise be to you O God, King of the Universe, who brings forth bread from the earth.” The object of the blessing is God, not the food. Everything in your life is because of the grace of God.

4. Pour your life into others – v16 – Jesus let the disciples feed the people as a point of training and discipleship. 2 Timothy 2:2

Howard Hendricks said, “We all need a Paul (trainer), a Timothy (disciple), and a Barnabus (encourager).

To discuss as a family today

1. What are the impossible situations you find yourself in today?

2. What excuses are keeping you from “jumping off the side of the pool” and trusting God?

3. Have your prayers become “traditions”? Spend time praying and listening to the whisper of the Holy Spirit.

4. Who are you following? Who are you leading? Who is an encouragement to you?


Holy Father, I bless your name. Thank you for ________________. I trust you with my life and ask that you would show me when and where to jump off the pool ledge! I will choose today to look at Christ for who He is, and let the shadows of the impossibilities fade away.