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Imago Dei

Sep 25, 2016
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Loving Where You Live
Our series is so timely today in light of all that has transpired in our community over the last week. Pastor Alex challenged us this morning to remember that everyone is a part of the Imago Dei – we are all image bearers of God. Genesis 1:26, 5:1, and 9:6 all bring to light that we are made in God’s image. We represent Him and are similar to Him, but are not identical to Him.
How we are like Him:
1. Spiritual – we have a soul
2. Personal – our personality comes from Him
3. Moral – we have a conscious
4. Relational – we were built for community
5. Rational – we have intellect
6. Emotional – we can love
7. Creative – we can create
When we see people as image bearers of God primarily, we are saying that creation matters. Creation gives us, all of us, inherent value.
During the fall, our image was distorted, but not destroyed. The fall cries out for the 2nd Adam, Jesus Christ. When we trust Jesus Christ for salvation, we reflect Christ to the world as we are sanctified daily.
When we see people as Imago Dei:
1. We give them dignity
2. We affirm the sanctity of life
3. We get involved (human trafficking, orphan care, poverty, hunger, prison
“The gospel moves at the speed of relationship.”
To Discuss Today
1. What secondary identity gets in your way of resting in your primary identity? (ethnicity, life stage, financial, gender, etc…)
2. Will you commit this week to seeing everyone as the Imago Dei? How will that change your behavior your home b.on your street regards to all that is happening in our city?
3. How do your passions and actions reflect your view of the Imago Dei?
Meditate on Genesis 1:26-27 this week.
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