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It’s About TIME

Oct 2, 2016
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Loving Where You Live
It has been said that the #1 obstacle to neighboring is time, and the enemy of kindness is hurry. Today, Pastor Alex walked us through Psalm 90 and challenged us to see time for what it is…precious.
Psalm 90
v1-4    The eternality of God
v5-11   The brevity of man
v12-17 A prayer
Verse 2 -4 causes us to worship when we realize that God is eternal and that a thousand years is like “a watch in the night” (about 3 hours of standing guard). Our culture pushes a narcissistic way of life. We must remember that “it’s not about me”. Our life is described as a breath, a dream, grass, and a sigh. It is quick.
We all have a different number of days, but each day that we have is the same amount of time. Unfortunately, the time-saving devices in our life have created more busyness and we believe 2 lies:
1. This will all settle down one day and it will get better around the corner.
2. Everyone lives like this.
Moses’ prayer (v12-17) teaches us to:
1. Be intentional – This morning, the dial on your life clicked down another day. Jesus teaches us to love God and love your neighbors. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.
2. Be interruptible – The most meaningful moments are not planned.
We are the only ones that can change it. Our “no” adds value to our “yes”. In Moses’ prayer, he asks God on behalf of his people to teach us, satisfy us, and make us glad.
To Discuss Today
1. If you knew you were going to die this Thursday, what would you do? Why wouldn’t you do those things not knowing when your last day will occur…(because you don’t)? What about the timing makes them more urgent?
2. Are you interruptible? Talk about a time when the interruption in your life was a blessing. What will help you remember to be interruptible?
Meditate on Psalm 90:12 this week.