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Jesus is Better Than Moses

Sep 20, 2020
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Jesus is Better Than Moses

The writer of Hebrews is moving into the third argument as to why Jesus is “better” in Hebrews 3:1-19. He has spoken of the prophets and the angels, and now he moves into a much more “personal” comparison as he speaks of Moses. To the Jewish audience he is writing to, Moses is incredibly important and special. He led the people out of Egypt, led them through the sea, received the tablets from God on Sinai, and wrote the first five books of the Torah (which is in our Bible). These are just some of the highlights of this amazing and faithful servant of God (Deut. 34:10-12).

He begins with an identity statement in verse 1 when he says, “Therefore holy brothers, you who share in a heavenly calling, consider Jesus. He is reminding them that they are more than what they do; they are set apart brothers who share in the inheritance of God through a heavenly calling. They were called to CONSIDER Jesus:

-to direct one’s mind to
-to immerse oneself in
-to fix one’s eyes or mind

This was important because their gaze was slowly turning back to the OT sacrifices. The same is true for us. When you remove the noise, and actually find a quiet space to consider Jesus, you can hear the Holy Spirit encourage and convict you. Ultimately, considering Jesus always leads to worship!

The writer goes on to compare Jesus and Moses through a house analogy in verses 2-6. Moses was a faithful servant IN all God’s house, but Jesus is a SON that is OVER the house. He has authority and has freed us from the demands of the law that God gave to Moses. In verse 6 we see the first time the author uses Christ to represent Jesus. In this context, the author is reminding the Jewish Christians that “we ARE His house if we hold fast our confidence and our boasting in our hope”. This is not an issue of getting saved or remaining saved. The believers are being reminded that if they go back to self effort and the sacrificial system, then they are not part of His house.

Verses 7 and following are an exhortation to the believers to have a soft heart. Sin hardens the heart, and that can happen very slowly and deliberately. Remember, sin is fun…for a season. Then it wreaks havoc and destruction…every time. So exhort one another every day so that hearts stay soft and moldable by the Maker.


To Discuss Today:

1. When was the last time you found time to have total quiet so you could consider Jesus? Why is that so important? Why do we often avoid that opportunity? What do you hear about yourself when it is totally quiet? What fears does that bring up?

2. Is your heart currently hardening or softening? What circumstances are leading to that reality? What does the Bible say about hard hearts? What is the outcome of a hard heart? How can you move more and more to a soft heart?

3. Who is a good at giving you exhortation? Who spurs you on? Who have you been an exhorter for? When was the last time you encouraged them? Do you know your family’s love languages? Who will you encourage this week