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Love For Enemies

Aug 10, 2014
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King Jesus and the Queen City

Today concluded Matthew 5 with a look at loving your enemies. Pastor Alex began with vs. 38-42 by looking at the Jewish culture of payback. Christ was likely reflecting on the Hammurabi’s Code of equal justice. It was a law of retribution that limited personal revenge. Jesus said to live differently so that you can be a voice of love in a hateful world.

Jesus goes on to reference Lev 19 when He says, “you’ve heard it said, love your neighbor”… “Hate your enemy” is nowhere in Scripture, but Jesus is likely speaking to Rabbinical teaching. Harboring bitterness will eventually kill you and steal all of your joy.

4 Ways to Love Your Enemies:

1. Verse 45 – Meet their needs. God is gracious and kind to all, so we have an opportunity to be a blessing as well.

2. Verse 46 – Love everyone the same. All people are cherished, loved, and died for. The best “lovers” are the ones that truly understand how much sin they have been forgiven.

3. Verse 47 – Talk to them! Do you ever walk down the hallway and deliberately walk the other way when you see someone? That is a symptom of a conflict that needs to be resolved. Just speak blessing and kindness.

4. Verse 44 – Pray for them! We can only pray for those that hurt us through grace in Christ.



Pray for your “enemy” every day for the next 7 days. Pray either Ephesians 1:15-23 or Ephesians 3:14-21 over them.

When Jesus says, “be perfect”, He means for us to grow up. Perfect (teleos) means, “becoming all that you were created to be”. We can only do that through the power of the Holy Spirit living through us.


Questions to discuss as a family today

1. Who is your enemy and why?

2. How can you meet your enemies needs this week?

3. Would others say that you are mature in Christ? Why or why not?

4. Will you commit to take the 7 Day Challenge this week?

To know more about the extraordinary life of Louis Zamperini, click here.



Heavenly Father, thank you for your love for me and for sacrificing for me even though I was your enemy. Please grant me the grace through Your Spirit to love all people the same. I pray that the power of the Holy Spirit will take the bitterness away for ______________. Lord, I want to become all that you created me to be, and I can only do that with your help. I give you the grudges of _______________ today. Thank you for being patient with me and for renewing me each day. I choose to live in freedom today.