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Marriage & Divorce

Aug 30, 2015
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King Jesus and the Queen City
“Marriage was created by God for His glory and for the joy of His creation.” This morning Pastor Alex led us through Matthew 19:1-12 where the Pharisees questioned Jesus about divorce based on the history of Moses’ law found in Deuteronomy 24. Their 10 word question was followed by a 59 word answer about marriage. Jesus jumps over Moses and his interpretation all the way back to the most significant “argument” of the creation story in Genesis 1-3.

6 Principles about the goodness of marriage

1. Marriage was defined by God
The gender confusion of today is a direct attack by Satan on the “Imago Dei” of God. Marriage is a reflection of who God is. We, if married, should only leave “Father and Mother and ‘hold fast'” to our spouse. Hold fast in Hebrew is the word for glue.

2. Marriage is a covenant
To “cut covenant” is to take animals and cut them open from nose to tail and allow the blood to pool to create a “blood path”. The two parties walk through the blood path and make a covenant that if either party does not honor the agreement, then it should be done to them as it has been done to the animals.

3. Marriage is permanent

4. Marriage reflects the gospel
Ephesians 5 speaks to marriage being a symbol of Christ’s love for the church. Christ will NEVER leave the church, so it would be SO damaging for us to send a different message through divorce.

5. The power for marriage is the Holy Spirit
Ephesians 5 – Be filled with the Spirit. Books, counseling, music, good intentions, and other helps pale in comparison to the Holy Spirit’s work in your marriage.

6. Marriage is a journey of sanctification
The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller is a great book on this. Click HERE for the introduction of that book.

Moses never commanded divorce. He allowed it because it had become the cultural norm of the day. We are at that place again in history. Remember, your spouse is a provision from God. Treat them as such.

Pray together daily. Date weekly. Get away often.

If the clause of “sexual immorality” (which comes from the word PORNEA) is in play, seek reconciliation through repentance and restoration. This is your covenant before God, and you chose to “Dance through the Minefields” together. When the kids are all grown and gone, you will be alone together again.

To discuss today
1. What steps will you take that will allow your marriage to make you more holy?

2. Where do you need to grow in fostering your marriage? Pray daily? Date weekly? Get away often? Make a plan!

3. What trap in your life do you need to avoid to enjoy a healthy marriage?

Holy Father, thank you for the gift of marriage. Your design is perfect, and I am grateful in how you allow marriage to reflect the love relationship of Christ and the church. Father, I want to pray for the marriages at Carmel. Help each couple see the importance of reflecting the gospel through their relationship. Holy Spirit, please encourage each heart to be sanctified and committed. Father, I am not perfect, and I struggle a lot with _______________. Help me put the desires of the flesh behind me and walk in the desires of the Spirit this week. Help our generation make a difference through marriage that will impact the next generation to reflect Your heart.