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Mending Broken Relationships

Aug 16, 2015
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King Jesus and the Queen City
It is all in the relationships. Mending broken relationships is vital to ensure that the whole Body is healthy and able to be used for God’s glory. Matthew 18:15-20 shows us how to address sin in the body. We must identify is someone actually SINNED against us. Not hurt our feelings or offended us, but biblically sinned. If so, it is my responsibility to go to them (not everyone else) and demonstrate love to them in seeking reconciliation. If someone is in a pattern of sin, then I should go to them in love. This is not a punitive confrontation, but a redemptive interaction. As Galatians 6:1 states, we do this with gentleness.

Verse 16 speaks to a Jewish practice found in Deut 19:15. On account of 2 or 3 witnesses, a matter is confirmed. If the person continues to live in their sin, it is taken before the church. This is not a judge and jury situation, but should be seen, as David Platt said, “We love you and want you to come back to Christ. An ARMY wants to fight for your reconciliation!”

Verses 18-20 speak to the authority of God and His Word. Binding and loosing speaks to agreement with whatever is in the Word. When we speak into a situation, with a broken humility, we have authority from heaven. And, if we come together in that way, we have God’s support. Remember, He wants a healthy body more that we do! We can have His presence in addressing these broken relationships.

We do this because God did it first. We sinned against God. He, in the incarnation of Christ, came to us to reconcile. The Father sent the Son because we sinned against them.

To discuss as a family today
1. What is the difference between someone sinning against you and someone frustrating or hurting you emotionally?

2. Read Hebrews 12:5-11. When have you been disciplined by the Father? What part was painful? How did that help you in the long run?

3. Who do you need to go to in order to mend a broken relationship? When are you going to go to them? (Remember….lead or bleed)

Father, thank you for loving me enough to reconcile my sin through the blood of Jesus. Help me to love others enough to go to them when I see a pattern of sin in their lives. Help me to be open and receptive whenever I fall prey to the enemy’s schemes and begin to sin. I pray that I will be open whenever someone comes to me to mend my brokenness. I pray for health for body at Carmel, and hope that we can be used to impact this community for Your Name. Holy Spirit, convict our hearts and bring unity to the body. We have such great days ahead, and need your leadership in ALL areas of our lives. Let it begin with me.