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Mustard Seeds and Leaven

Apr 26, 2015
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Around the Campfire…Parables from King Jesus

Pastor Alex continued the series on parables this morning with The Parable of the Mustard Seed and The Parable of the Leaven. The mustard seed growing represents the Kingdom of God as it is continually growing and advancing, and the long finger of Christ fingerprints everything because everything was made by Him, through Him, and is made for Him. Jesus is sitting with the disciples and letting them know that they are a part of a long-reaching plan. The leaven represents impact. A rabbinical teaching of the day was, “Grace is peace. Peace is to the earth as leaven is to bread.” We see Christianity impacting our culture all around us:

1. Human Life
2. The value of women
3. The poor
4. Civil liberty
5. Education
6. Science
7. Language
8. Art, music, and literature
9. Health care
10. Sexuality, marriage, and family

Because Jesus changed everything, the gospel has changed the earth!


To discuss as a family today

1. When was the last time you have been on a mission trip? What are the obstacles that keep you from spreading the gospel? Do you believe God is bigger than those obstacles/excuses?

2. What is the contribution of your life for the Kingdom of God?

3. What legacy will you leave on the culture?



Father, thank you for the gift Jesus, who changed eternity and culture forever. Help me to see the fingerprint of Jesus on the culture around me. I confess that too often it just becomes white noise in my life. I know I need to make a contribution for the Kingdom, and I want the Holy Spirit to guide and prompt me to know what, when, and how. Help me understand the legacy I need to leave on the culture.