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Nehemiah: How Leaders Deal With Conflict Internally

Oct 20, 2013
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Nehemiah Chapter 5 – Opposition from the Inside

Today we learned about the opposition that came from the inside. Pastor Alex showed how Nehemiah was an effective leader in a hard situation. The people had sold their children for food and taxes, which was against Mosaic law. The people were in debt and hungry. We learned that Nehemiah, like good leaders, first had BIG EARS. He heard the people and was able to address their concerns. He had a BIG MOUTH and used his positional authority to bring charges against the nobles and the officials. Most importantly, Nehemiah had BIG FEET. He understood that positional authority could only go so far. His moral authority was so much more compelling and created a loyalty that inspired the people to work. He didn’t take advantage of the system that would have provided so much to him. Instead, he fed 150 men each night! He heard, he spoke, and he acted.


Questions to discuss as a family today

1. Are you tuned in and truly listening to those that you lead? Could you write down 3 needs within your family members? What are they?

2. How do you use your positional authority to make the name of Jesus famous in your place of leadership?

3. What has GOD shown you that needs to be addressed as a leader to help those you lead to be healthier physically, spiritually, or emotionally?

4. Can others argue with your lifestyle?

5. What is your moral authority as a parent? A spouse? A leader at work or school?



Pray and thank God for giving you the chance to live for Him and for the opportunity to influence others. Confess where your walk does not line up with your words. Ask God to reveal to you the needs that you have the responsibility to respond to. Listen to the Lord as He shares those things.