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Nehemiah: Leaders Finish Well

Nov 24, 2013
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Leaders Finish Well

Today Pastor Clay finished our 10 week series on Nehemiah. We learned that good leaders do not forget the promises that they make. In Chapter 2 v6, we see that Nehemiah had made a commitment to King Artexerxes that he would only be gone for a specific amount of time. After being in Jerusalem for 12 years, he went back to Babylon to continue in his job. After another 20 years in Babylon, Nehemiah learned that things back in Jerusalem were getting bad again, and he did not settle for complacency. He went back and removed Tobiah from the house of God and reminded people of their commitments. Nehemiah dealt with the problem decisively. Nehemiah reminds us that there is no “retirement” for leaders that are doing God’s work.

Recap from our series…Leaders:

1. Ask the right questions

2. Are knees before sleeves people

3. Plan well

4. Are motivators

5. Work out the plan

6. Overcome adversity

7. Lead with “Heart”

8. Are willing to deal with internal conflicts

9. Get to the finish line

10. Transition from stones to souls

11. Lead by example and with prayer

12. Finish well


Questions to discuss as a family today

1. What does it mean to “finish well”?

2. How well are you doing with the task you are leading? Where are you in that process?

3. How restful is your Sabbath? What adjustments do you need to make?

4. Knowing that leaders never retire from influencing others, where do you need to lead next?



Spend some time praising God for who He is and thank Him for the Word that teaches us how to live. Confess to God where you are weak in your task of leadership, and ask Him to encourage your heart to finish well! Thank Him for the influences you have (name them), and ask Him for favor with those that you lead. Commit that you will lead by example and with prayer.