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Nehemiah: Leaders Lead

Nov 17, 2013
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Leaders Lead

Today Pastor Alex continued to preach leadership from the context of Nehemiah. We were reminded that leadership is about people, and their souls are precious to God! We learned in Chapter 9 that we lead by both example and by prayer. The Levites stood and read from the book of the Law for 3 hours, and then confessed sin for 3 hours. Once they were done with this, they asked the people to stand and do likewise. This was revival…a confession that leads to change.

We learned that confession means “to cast off” or “to throw away”. When we get too comfortable in our own sin, then our fellowship with God and others is broken. We must pray by:

1. Looking up – Remind yourself of who God is and marvel at Him!

2. Looking back – See the faithfulness of God demonstrated through your life.

3. Looking inward – See the depravity of your sinful self.

4. Looking ahead – Choose to move forward in obedience.


Questions to discuss as a family today

1. Do you make room in your life for good, daily confession? When? How?

2. What do you want in your team (home, work, friends) (honesty, purity, etc…) that is currently not happening? How are you living by example?

3. What is normal to you that needs to be “cast off” (confessed) and changed? Share that with those you love and trust.



Spend some time looking up and marvel at the greatness of God. Tell Him who He is and allow His Spirit to encourage you. Look back and reflect on God’s faithfulness through your life. Look inward and allow the Holy Spirit to convict you of your sin. Ask God to give you the courage to cast off the ideas or behaviors that need to be changed, and look ahead and commit to live your life according to His Word and His plan.