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Notes on Persecution

Feb 8, 2015
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King Jesus and the Queen City

Jesus has just finished letting the disciples know that they are being sent out and will receive the power of the Holy Spirit to perform great miracles. Then, in Matthew 10:16-25, He lets them know that they WILL be persecuted on His behalf. They will be flogged, dragged before governors, disowned by family, and hated for the name of Jesus. Jesus removed any romanticism in following Him.
For most of us here in Matthews, persecution looks like someone telling us “no” when we invite them to church. Too often, we are not bold enough in our faith to even feel persecution, but that day could be coming. Here are 7 steps to use to walk through persecution:

1. Choose grace and truth
2. Be realistic with how people are going to treat you
3. Work on your math skills – count the cost
4. Choose to reject anxiety and receive peace
5. Stay focused until the end of the game. Don’t give up!
6. Be smart
7. Find joy in looking like your Daddy – Remember, when you encounter hard times, you will look like the Father.

Remember the life of William Borden, who died in Cairo on his way to share the gospel in China. On his tombstone, it reads: “Except for faith in Christ, there is no explanation for a life such as this.”

1. Make sure to share the gospel
2. Pray about your calling
3. Pray for the persecuted church The Voice of the Martyrs

To discuss as a family today
1. Why am I not being more persecuted?
2. Why do I believe what I believe? Would I really give my life for the gospel?
3. How does opposition bring opportunity?
4. Do you think it is wise to pray for more persecution? Why or why not?

Father, thank you for your Son, and for His willingness to give His life for me. Thank you for those young men that walked with Jesus and willingly spread the gospel even when it meant pain and death. I praise you for men like Paul, who was flogged 5 times, stoned, shipwrecked, and whipped for Your name. Help me be more like those men who were so focused on you that they gave their lives so that others could truly live. Father, right now I ask that you encourage and strengthen the men, women, and children around the world that are experiencing deep persecution. I pray that the Helper would strengthen them and give them deep peace.