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May 24, 2015
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Around the Campfire: Parables from King Jesus

This morning Pastor Alex concluded his “Around the Campfire” mini-series with Matthew 13:51-58. As Jesus finished telling the disciples all of these parables, He asked them, “Have you understood all these things?” They answered, “Yes”. He reminds them that they have been well-trained, which means that they are to look, talk, and walk like their Rabbi. As a talmid (disciple), we should each look like Jesus. Jesus goes on to remind them that it is so important to pull out the old and new. Remember, the majority of our Bible is Old Testament, which is the foundation for the New Testament. It is rich with history, and with the gospel. We must read it, know it, and live the whole text.

In verse 53, it says that the people in the synagogue were “astonished”. They were shocked that Jesus was teaching with authority, and they felt like it was disrespectful to Yahweh for an “untrained” Rabbi without s’mikeh (authority) to speak the way Jesus was speaking. Jesus did not do many works in His hometown due to the people’s unbelief. Even today, there are times that we are one step away from God using us to do great things, but we have too much unbelief that He can do it.

You could say that God believes in you more than you believe in yourself!


To discuss as a family today

1. When was the last time you read from the Old Testament? Do you believe that it is beneficial to you today? Why do you prefer the New Testament over the Old Testament?

2. In what ways are you too familiar with Jesus? How does that affect you?



Father, thank you for the teachings of Jesus. I praise you for gaining understanding through the parables, and I want to remember those as I live. Please forgive me for those times that I do not have the proper awe and reverence for you. You are holy, and worthy of my worship. I choose today to place you in the center. Jesus, you are the consuming fire in the middle of the campfire circle! Thank you for believing in me, and help me to have that same belief in myself through the indwelling of your Spirit.