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Prayer & Fasting

Nov 8, 2015
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A Conversation about Spiritual Disciplines
Today Pastor Alex continued his study of the Spiritual Disciplines speaking to us about prayer and fasting. In Matthew 21:1213, we see Jesus’ passion for prayer as he said, “My house shall be called a house of prayer.” The word is met with a heart of prayer through Jesus. We must remember that prayer is a gift.

Opportunities of a prayer life:
1.Inner loop – Carmel’s Prayer Path – praying for Carmel’s mission and for our schools.
2. Outer loop – The Carmel Mile – Walking a praying for a mile for our city.
3. 2@2 – At 2pm, pray for 2 people (for their marriage, their discipleship, etc…)

Fasting is a voluntary abstinence of food for spiritual purposes. There is something supernatural about it. In Scripture, it is assumed that we WILL fast. Jesus, in the sermon on the mount, promises us a reward. We do not know what the promises are, but they are supernatural!

Benefits of Fasting:
1. Isaiah 58:6 – Loose the chains of injustice and break every yolk.
2. 58:7 – Share your food with the hungry. Bring the homeless in. Clothe the naked. It will make you a more generous person.
3. Healing will come!

Why don’t we fast as the North American church?
1. Ignorance – we may not have ever been taught the how or the why.
2. We are addicted to food.
3. The enemy fights because he knows the power of fasting.

Pastor Alex’s Challenge: If you are considering adoption or foster care, fast from food for a week and let the Lord speak to your heart about what you are called to do.

To discuss today
1. Why is prayer a gift to you? How often do you choose to see it as a gift?
2. When is a time that you experienced the power of prayer?
3. Have you ever fasted? Why?
4. Are you willing to make fasting a regular part of your spiritual disciplines? How?
5. Are there any strongholds that have a grip on your family, business, your heart? Can you fast about those things and choose to feast on the Word and prayer for an extended time?


Father, thank you for your willingness to listen to me anytime I approach you. Help me to not only talk to you, but listen to you as well. Too often I have an agenda, when instead you want to speak to my heart. Father, my relationship with food is _________________. I will choose to fast ____________________ in order to hear from you. I know that disciplines are hard at times, but I also know that they lead me to be a better disciple.