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Psalm 78 | Tell the Next Generation

Jun 14, 2020
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Summer in the Psalms: Psalm 78 – Tell the Next Generation
We have heard over and over again in this season that these are “unprecedented times” that we are living in. Are these times so unique that there is no playbook? Absolutely not! The Bible is full of Truth that shows us how to live in all circumstances. Remembering God’s faithfulness yesterday give us strength to follow Him faithfully today. Psalm 78:6  specifically reminds us to prepare ahead of time so that the next generation will:
1. Set their hope in God – they will put their full confidence in Him
2. Remember what He has done – and that He can do it again
3. Walk in obedience, submission, and faithfulness
We see over and over throughout Psalm 78 the praiseworthy deeds of God AND the fact that God’s people forgot about those works. In verses 9,11 – The Ephraimites forgot the works of God. They didn’t internalize what God did for them. They forgot God was in their circumstances. In verse 18 we are reminded of the fact that while wandering in the wilderness, the Israelites spoke against God by testing Him. They basically said, “What you are providing in not enough”. When we have this attitude, we are saying that we know better than God. God reminds us that this is a “heart problem”.
In verse 36 the people “flattered God with their mouths; they lied to Him with their tongues. Their heart was not steadfast toward Him.” In other words, they were trying to manipulate God. They were trying to say all the right things and then maybe God will do what they wanted Him to do. Beware of trying to manipulate God – trying to bend His will in your direction rather than being faithful to what He wants you to do.
In verses 56-58 we see that the people of God set up high places. These were temples to false gods. These high places were set up to “cover their bases”. These other gods were “on the side”. We are tempted the same way with thoughts of financial security, identity, job performance, and many other ways. We cultivate a faith-mistress. When we are not diligent in cultivating the next generation, they will turn towards other gods. We have a gravitational pull to be faithful to ourselves instead of 100% faithfulness to God.
5 Habits:
1. Read Scripture regularly – This reminds us of His faithfulness
2. Pray purposefully – Reflect who God is
3. Respond biblically – What does Scripture say?
4. Celebrate Milestones – Carmel has a path for you to walk with your kids to help you with equipping them to be a disciple-maker
5. Remind the next generation that they have a role to play
To Discuss Today:
 1. Talk about a situation where you acted like you knew better than God in how to address the circumstance.
2. Our prayers are a reflection of the way we see God. What would you kids/others believe about God if they only learned about Him through your prayers?
3. Do you have any “high places” that need to be torn down? In other words, where ELSE do you put your faith outside of God? (financial, relationships, identity, etc…)
4. How are you specifically equipping the next generation to know what God has done?