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Psalm 9 | The Lord is a Stronghold

Jun 7, 2020
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The book of Psalms is a wonderful collection of writings embedded with hope and honesty. In Psalm 9, King David gives thanks that God sits on His throne and judges perfectly. This justice can be understood best in the way God restores what is broken.
The power to restore is described by David in the metaphor of a stronghold. In ancient times, a stronghold was a mountain or a tower that provided a secure defense for people. For example, Herod built a fortress on the top of Masada, an unmistakable mountain beside the Dead Sea. It took the mighty Roman army two years to finally conquer the remnant of Jews who remained there in defiance.
Today, we desperately need a stronghold, a place to run to for shelter, rest, and protection. We see the daily news and wonder “What else is going to happen in our world right now?” We wake up with concern or dread of a new threat. However, the hope of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Gideon, David, and the followers of Christ remains in the strong name of the Lord.
The key to our everlasting hope is found in Psalm 9:10. To know the name of the Lord is to trust in Him. But this knowledge of His name is much deeper than knowing of or about Him. To know (Hebrew – “yada”) the Lord intimately reaches to the heart level, to place our confidence in Him. God has never forsaken those who seek Him. When we run to God’s fortress, we cherish the life-giving name of the Lord.
So what does it mean to seek the name of the Lord? The Hebrew word provides a picture of treading a well-worn path. When a trail has been walked often or by many people, it becomes a distinct passage to follow. In our relationship with Christ Jesus, He took the first step by inviting us to follow Him (His path). We have the opportunity to repent and turn to Him. We have the joy of seeking Him and wearing out this path of walking with Him.
The name of Jesus changes everything. His name is a strong tower. Throughout the Bible, the names of the Lord reveal His character. What an amazing gift!
But God, the maker of heaven and earth, also knows your name and everything about you. And He loves you with an infinitely love. By grace, He invites each of us to know and follow Him. The name of Christ brings life from death, hope from hopelessness, confidence in the midst of fear. May we praise God today that His is our stronghold in every moment of our lives.
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