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Root 66 – 2 Corinthians

Jan 28, 2018
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ROOT 66: 2 Corinthians
Although Paul had set up the church in Corinth, the people began to doubt his authority as an apostle. While 1 Corinthians was pleading to the church because they were messed up in their doctrine, the 2nd letter was to plead with the church to remain unified with him.
Other “preachers” were on the scene had were well-dressed and better communicators than Paul. They were speaking to the church that Paul wasn’t to be viewed as an apostle because he was poor and had been through so much pain and suffering.
In Ch.12:7-10, Paul states that pain serves us well because it reminds us to trust Christ. He is glorified in our weakness. On a side note, Pastor Alex reminded us that our bodies are built to remind us that they are weak. That is why we sleep for 1/3 of our lives! We also show our trust in God by heading His plan for a weekly sabbath. We need rest.
The secret to how to comfort one another in suffering is found in Ch.1:3-7. Comfort is to “call alongside”. It means to walk with someone. When we have trusted Christ, Jesus dwells in us through His Spirit. The future (this is not our home) gives us hope to live today in our suffering. We are reminded that “this will pass”. Comfort is not just a “dulling of pain”, but comfort means “brave, strong, and courageous”!
Suffering makes you who you are. Trials shape us. You love differently and have deeper gratitude as a result of your pain. It develops you builds character, and makes much of Christ. Remember, through the incarnation, Jesus walked through everything this world has to offer. He knows you, your suffering, and He knows how to comfort you.
1. How has God shown His faithfulness to you in your suffering?
2. Who around you needs comfort? What will you do about it?
3. Pastor Alex shared, “From our greatest pain comes our greatest purpose”. How do you live differently today as a result of pain and suffering in your life?