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Root 66 – Habakkuk

Sep 24, 2017
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Root 66: Habakkuk
We all go through seasons, short and long, where we ask ourselves, “Am I going to get through this?” Well, that is what we find the prophet Habakkuk asking God in this short book. Habakkuk is so frustrated with the Israelites and their disregard of God’s commands, and he cries out to God for an answer. God’s answer is not what Habakkuk had in mind, though. God promised that the Babylonians would come and take Judah captive. This is frustrating to Habakkuk because he feels like the Babylonians are even more evil and wicked than his people.
We don’t fully know how God is at work, but we can know that He is always working to move His Kingdom forward. He even says to Habakkuk, “For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told.”
Habakkuk’s job, and our response, is to live out our faith day by day. We must remember that God is in charge and we are not. He will not delay in His timing, but that doesn’t mean it will not feel like a delay in our preferred, finite timing. We must remember that God doesn’t NEED our help. He knows all, is all powerful, and has His own agenda. We are just passing through this place for a brief season. He wants our worship, faith, and trust.
Finally, we must remember that He is still on the throne! This is how we find shalom in these uncertain days. Nations will rise and fall, but God rules over all of them. We see Habakkuk as an example of this in Chap. 3:16-19. His “demands list” turns to worship.



1.  Do you tell God your hurts, frustrations, and the painful parts of your life? Remember, He wants a deep relationship with you. He can handle your hurts and your questions. What is something you need to say to Him that you have been holding in?
2. Is the LORD truly in charge of your heart and life? What tends to get in your way the most often? If He took EVERYTHING away, would you still trust Him? Discuss.