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Root 66 – Haggai

Oct 8, 2017
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Root 66: Haggai
Haggai was one of the post-exilic prophets, one who spoke after God’s people returned from being exile. The book begins by letting us know that the date is August 29, 520 BC, and that Zerubbabel is the governor. This connects some dots from when we walked through Ezra and Nehemiah, and we see Zerubbabel (Temple), Ezra (people), and Nehemiah (walls) mentioned in the three waves of those that returned from exile.
Those that returned came back and began to build their houses. Unfortunately, they disregarded the Temple, which had been destroyed. This is critical because the Temple was the dwelling place for the presence of God. God’s presence was the identity of His people, but His house was in ruins. The people delayed in rebuilding the Temple because:
1. They were intimidated by the culture.
2. They were numbed by the materialism of the day.
Haggai speaks the phrase “Lord of Hosts” 14 times in this short book. To this tiny, vulnerable nation without an army, this was a comforting phrase because it means, “plentiful”. In Ch.1:4 we see Zerubbabel rebuke the people for not rebuilding. It had been close to 20 years since the people returned. He uses the phrase, “Consider your ways” which means, “set your heart on your way”. Build the important House first!
We see in Ch.1:12 that the people did obey and fear the Lord. They began the work only 24 days later! In their listening, their first act of obedience and repentance, they had a heart change. HEART BEFORE HANDS.
1. What is the condition of your heart today?
2. What do you do to manage the stress or insecurities in our world? Do you run or engage?
3. Ch.1:14 uses the phrase “stirred up the spirit” which means, “to awaken or make hot”. What gets you out of bed in the morning? What is the thing that brings you life?
4. As you witness tragedy and sin in our world, picture the phrase, “Lord of Hosts” as a banner over that situation. Remember, Daddy is in charge.