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Root 66 – Jeremiah

Jun 9, 2017
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Root 66: Jeremiah
The book of Jeremiah is the longest book in the Bible.
Chapter 1          Jeremiah’s call
Chapters 2-45   Prophesies to Judah
Chapters 46-51 Prophesies to Gentile Nations
Chapter 52        The Fall of Jerusalem
The people in Jerusalem continued to live a life of idolatry and immorality and would not listen to the prophet Jeremiah. He spent 40 years prophesying to the people of coming judgement, but the people didn’t listen. Not only did they not listen, but they threatened Jeremiah. They were so mad at him at one point that they wouldn’t even let him into the Temple. They would not repent, and actually fell into a life of immorality as a result of idolatry.
Jeremiah speaks of the “boiling pot” (Babylon) 171 times. In Chapter 25:11-12, Jeremiah told the people that the land land will be ruined and given to Babylon for 70 years. In Chapter 52, we see King Nebuchadnezzer and the Babylonians capture and destroy the Israelites. They also burned down Jerusalem. (At the end of this 70 years is when Nehemiah pleads to the King to go and rebuild the walls.)
In all of this sadness and destruction, there is great hope! In Chapter 31:31-34, we see the only time in the Old Testament where the “New Covenant” is mentioned. This covenant is written on hearts…not stone. This is a once and for all final sacrifice for the forgiveness of sin and a chance to be in Christ and have Christ in us! Because of our sin, we all deserve death and eternal separation from God. But, because of the generous love of our Father, Jesus came to take the punishment for our sin so that we can be reconciled to God. There is no good news without knowing what we are being rescued from. There is no Good News without Jesus! We must have a heart change.
To Discuss Today:
1. The people of Jeremiah’s time were patriotic to their people and land, but had lost sight of God’s best. They even sacrificed children to pagan gods. What state is our nation in today (btw…we see 1M babies aborted each year…)? What role do we play in today’s narrative?
2. How has the gospel changed your life? What are you truly thankful for in regards to God’s saving grace?
3. What is your calling? How is this calling an anchor for your life?