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Root 66 – Mark

Dec 10, 2017
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ROOT 66: Mark
The theme of Mark is Jesus as servant. The author of the book, John Mark, is the same man that abandoned Paul and Barnabas on their missionary journey. He was a disciple of Peter, and was often found residing at Peter’s mother’s house.
Mark is an action-packed, fast-paced book. It uses the word “immediately” 34 times, and highlights the miracles of Jesus. The outline is:
1-10   Service to others (about 3 years)
11-16 Sacrificing for others (about 8ish days)
In Ch.10:34, Jesus is reminding His disciples that He is about to be mocked, spit on, flogged, and killed. James and John follow this truth with asking if they can sit at Jesus’ right and left. It was an extremely insensitive request, and showed that they STILL did not understand that Jesus was not speaking of an earthly kingdom. They fell into the thought of recognition and pride. He goes on to use this as a teachable moment (v 42-44).
He calls His followers to be servants – diaconos- minister or deacon. This term is equivalent to a server who waits on a table. He goes on to say that we are called to slavery. This means we give up our rights and are owned by another. Jesus is saying that He did not come to the world to be a big deal, but to be a suffering servant for all.
Ch. 10:45 says, “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Verse 45 is a synopsis of Daniel 7 and Isaiah 53. A ransom was a payment to buy back someone. The payment was not to Satan, (he is a created being), but to the holiness and justice of God.
The first “For” means “because”, but the second “For” means instead of or in place of. Mark is saying that Jesus is a substitute or a covering for what we deserve. We, as followers of Jesus, should live our lives as servants because:
1. It speaks loudly in a counter-cultural way and shows a different Kingdom.
2. You demonstrate love, value, and dignity to those you care for.
1. Follow the leader…Jesus
2. Choose a lifestyle of humility
3. Look around with your eyes
4. Listen to what people are saying
5. Ask them how you can serve them
1. Continue to follow the advent calendar each morning until Christmas. We have provided one here. This guide gives you many ideas of how to serve others!
2. Memorize Mark 10:45. How can you push aside pride and entitlement and be a servant leader around you this week?