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Root 66 – Philippians

Mar 18, 2017
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Root 66: Philippians
Philippians is a letter that Paul writes to the church at Philippi. This is his first church to plant in Europe, and it was named after Alexander the Great’s father, Philip. Paul is writing from prison, but his words are filled with joy because he says in Ch. 1:12, “what has happened to me is working to advance the gospel.”
Chapter 2:1-4 shows how we can “become of the same mind”:
1. Same love
2. Same purpose
3. Count others more significant
4. Look not only to our own interests.
When Paul says “complete my joy”, he is saying that God works through tough times. His joy has started from prison, but it will be complete when the church lives in harmony. In humility, we must love each other. When we struggle with someone, we need to love them and show them value. We must make a personal choice each day, and we do not just wait until the “good times” come.
Chapter 2:5-8 shows “how” to have joy:
v5 – Have this mind (attitude like Christ)
v6 – Shows Jesus’ pre-existence
v7 – Speaks to His reincarnation
v8 – Reminds of his ultimate gift and sacrifice through the crucifixion
God gave Jesus 2 important things in this:
1. He exalted Him
2. He gave Him a name above every other name.
We must remember that Christ died for our sin. He was the only One that could do it. He was the God-man, but humbled Himself and took on flesh. He lived to serve others, and to be the ultimate sacrifice to allow up to have shalom with God. Paul then goes on to tell us to live it out (2:12-13) When we live out joy in all circumstances, Jesus is exalted.
Questions to Consider:
1. Do you have joy in all circumstances? Why?
2. How can you view others with humility and serve them in a more Christ-like way?