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Root 66 – Psalms

May 28, 2017
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Root 66 – Psalms
The theme of Psalms is WORSHIP. Psalms is a 1000 year collection of writings and songs that was compiled after the return from exile. This great book begins with speaking about the blessing of man who is rooted in God’s Word, and it ends with praise to God for His blessing and His Word.
Psalms is broken down into 5 books:
Book 1: The LORD beside us (Chapters 1-41)
Book 2: The LORD going before us (Chapters 42-72)
Book 3: The LORD around us (Chapters 73-89)
Book 4: The LORD above us (Chapters 90-106)
Book 5: The LORD among us (Chapters 107-150)
Psalm 19
Verses 1-6 begin by showing us the name of God as EL (strong). These first verses reveal a natural revelation- you can look at creation and realize that someone had to make it. Everyone on earth sees a silent sermon every day!
Verses 7-11 The Word of the LORD is: perfect, sure, right, pure, clean, and true. This book never changes. It is constant and perfect. Throughout time, location, and circumstances, it is consistent. In verse 10 the Psalmist references gold and honey. These are the most cherished items in the ancient world. The Word of God is more precious than these.
In verse 11, we learn that the Word helps us know where to go and where not to go. The ruler of the Word gives us boundaries to live freely within the protection of His borders. (Kids with a fence on a playground have the freedom to know where to play…)
Verses 12-14 shows us what time in the Word will do for us. David wants to walk in holiness and live out his purpose as the Imago Dei.
To Discuss Today:
1. Who controls the music of your life (The Word or the changing culture)? How?
2. Pick a Psalm and sing a new song with the words of that Psalm. How does it impact you?
3. Put some honey on your tongue and think about God’s word. Walk around in your backyard and watch the sermon that plays out in front of you!