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Root 66 – Revelation

Jul 15, 2018
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Root 66: Revelation
Pastor Alex wrapped up our Root 66 series this morning by exploring the book of Revelation. This is a book about the revelation of Jesus. It gives us a beautiful picture of who He is as triumphant King, and how He is so worthy to be worshipped. Many people debate the details of this book, but there is no debate in who Jesus is and the fact that He is returning. This book was written by John after he was banished to the island of Patmos, off the coast of modern day Turkey.
Revelation 1      Things that you have seen (Jesus to John)
Revelation 2-3   Those that are (the Seven Churches)
Revelation 4-22 Those that are to take place after this (Things to come)
Chapter 1 gives a peace to those who know Jesus and a warning to those who do not.
Chapters 2-3 speaks about seven nearby churches, but could also be referencing 7 church ages.
Chapters 4-5 are a beautiful picture of the worship of Jesus in heaven.
In Chapter 13, we see Satan as an imitator (since he is not a creator). His unholy Trinity:
Satan – Father; First Beast (Anti-Christ) – Son; Second Beast (False Prophet) – Holy Spirit
Genesis and Revelation are two bookends of a grand story of redemption.
Questions to Consider

1. Do you care about the lost? Do you have friendships with the lost? Do you pray for them?

2. Our longing affects our living. How does your living affect your longing? If you knew Jesus was returning tomorrow, what would you do today?

3. What does it mean to “know Christ”? Do you have that relationship with Him?