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Root 66 – Song of Solomon

Jun 18, 2017
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Root 66 – Song of Songs
This morning our Senior Pastor of Care and Counseling, Clay Barnes, had the challenge of walking us through the book of Song of Songs. Other than Revelation, this book is the one that has the most interpretation. It is one of only 2 books (Esther) that does not mention God.
From the 3rd century until the early 1800’s, most biblical scholars believed that Song of Songs was an allegory. An allegory is a story that has both an obvious meaning and a more hidden meaning. To the Jews, this book allegorically is a picture of God’s love for Israel. To the Christians, this book allegorically is a picture of Jesus’ love for the church. Unfortunately, an allegory opens the door for everyone to have their own understanding and interpretation of what this book is about. Actually, the graphic language in the book is an argument against this being an allegory. The people of God would NEVER have described God in this manner.
We do know that Song of Songs is a part of the wisdom literature. It shows us how to live in the world regarding politics, social dynamics, family relationships, and more. Song of Songs shows us how to live regarding our sexuality. In the last century, many theologians and scholars have begun to look at this book more literally as a love poem. In fact, archeological discoveries have uncovered Egyptian love poetry from the same time period.
Sex and sexuality is a gift from God. It is good. We are created as sexual beings and that is a part of our being the Imago Dei. Sexuality is a good thing protected by marriage. Sex is not a bad thing permitted by marriage. Too often, in order to “protect” ourselves or our children from perverting God’s ideal, we make it out to be a “bad” act, or…even worse…we don’t talk about it at all!
This is a Christo-centric book. The gospel is here! In Christ, we have abundant life. Sex, in marriage, is good! It is not something to be embarrassed about or to shy away from. Yes, it is an intimate act that should be protected, but not to the extent that it becomes a negative aspect of our abundant life in Christ.
To Discuss Today:
1. How does Song of Songs impact your view of the Bible?
2. Knowing that sexuality is a part of God’s creation, do you embrace that part of His creation, or do you see it as “dirty” or “tolerable within marriage”? What has led you to have this view?
3. Parents, as appropriate, answer your children’s questions about sex. In our Milestone path, we have several resources that help you navigate this important topic. You can find them here (mainly under Milestones 3-5). You should start this conversation early in life (preschool), engaging them appropriately about anatomy and the way their body works. The “details” should begin being discussed around 3rd grade and understood well by 6th-7th grade.
4. Pray and ask God to lead you towards a healthy view of sexuality and away from our culture’s perverted view of God’s design.